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  • This Month's Nonprofit: Horizons for Youth

    100% of November donations will go to Horizons for Youth

    Funds raised in November will benefit Horizons for Youth, a Chicago-based nonprofit that serves students in low-resourced communities throughout the Chicagoland area.


    Nationwide, only 11% of students born in the lowest economic quartile complete their college degree. But at Horizons for Youth, students who are also in the lowest economic quartile have a 99% high school graduation rate and an 84% college persistence rate. HFY is working to ensure that their scholars do not just go to college but make it through college.

    The Horizons for Youth program is broken down into three main categories of support for their students:

    1.  Targeted Academic Intervention and Support 
    2. High School and College Persistence 
    3. Personal and Social Enrichment 

    The primary measure of HFY's success is the performance of their students. Students consistently achieve the following results:

    • 99% high school graduation rate
    • 99% post-secondary enrollment (of which 98% attend a 2- or 4-year school)
    • 84% college persistence rate

    You can learn more at horizons-for-youth.org.

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    New York, NY

    29 donors

    $196 raised

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    Philadelphia, PA

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    $236 raised

    June 2019: Detroit Food Academy

    Detroit, MI

    38 donors

    $281 raised

    July 2019: WeThrive

    New York, NY

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    $289 raised

    Aug 2019: StreetCred

    Boston, MA

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    $290 raised

    Sep 2019: Su Casa

    Chicago, IL

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    $298 raised

    Oct 2019: GirlForward

    Chicago, IL

    44 donors

    $307 raised