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    How does it work?

    1Million1s community members donate $1 daily, weekly, or monthly. Each month, a new nonprofit is highlighted on our site, and that organization will receive 100% of the funds collected that month. As the community grows, nonprofits will be receiving larger and larger gifts, allowing them to have bigger impacts on their communities.

    Is 1Million1s a nonprofit?

    1Million1s is a project in conjunction with The Dayton Collaboratory, an Ohio-based nonprofit that incubates ideas for social good. The Collaboratory’s 501c3, Involvement Advocacy, is acting as a fiduciary for all funds collected through 1Million1s.

    Does giving $1 really help?

    Giving $1 to a nonprofit may not seem impactful. However, when a mass of people each give to the same organization at once, it can make a world of difference. Our goal is to ultimately have $1,000,000 donated each month.

    Can I have a say in where my money goes?

    Absolutely! We encourage our community to nominate organizations that they believe are deserving of being featured on 1Million1s. Tell us who you think we should be supporting!

    Is this tax deductible

    Yes! 100% of your gifts are tax-deductible. At the end of the year, you will receive a letter detailing your annual gifts to 1Million1s.